Theory and Aural training

Theory and aural training is integrated into my piano lessons as it makes sense to link these skills directly to the music you are learning to play!  But I can also help you if you learn another instrument with a different teacher and are looking for a ‘top-up’,  specifically with the ABRSM theory exams and aural tests. Read more below:

If you want to take ABRSM practical exams 6-8 you will need to pass their Grade 5 Theory exam (or Jazz or Practical Musicianship Grade 5).  

I love teaching theory, but sometimes it gets a bad press as it’s often taught in a dry and unconnected way. I provide clear and engaging lessons that will ensure that you not only pass the exams, but also enjoy learning along the way!  My students have 100% pass rate in their ABRSM theory exams.  

I’m patient and enthusiastic with lots of experience teaching theory to individuals and in the classroom.  

I enjoy making my own theory teaching resources, especially games for children, and using technology to bring you customised theory lessons.

COVID-19 update: We are open!

In-person and online lessons available.