Strengthen finger joints with this crocodile game

Here is a fun tool I made that strengthens all the fingers to help stop collapsing knuckles.  It’s easy to make your own.  


Collapsing knuckle joints like the one pictured above are a common sight when people start to learn the piano, because they haven’t yet built up the strength in their finger joints.  Especially those with hyper-mobility.

It’s best to address this early on, and I recently watched a great video showing a simple peg squeezing exercise for violinists with hyper-mobility, and thought ‘Great, just the job…

 ……but this peg is clearly crying out for a crocodile make-over!’ 

A few bits of foam, my trusty glue-gun and a googly eye. and hey presto, meet Peggie the Crocodile.  A cute little finger warm-up tool.  

You can use it as a quick finger exercise with a few squeezes (make sure the end joint stays curved) or put this cute little critter to work with a game of pick up sticks

Get or make some finger number cards and just use cards with finger numbers 2 through to 5 as the thumb will be squeezing from below.  I used these Tippy Tap cards designed by Nicola Cantan at 

Use the correct fingers on top (thumb beneath) to squeeze the jaws open and pick up and place in a jar as many lollipop sticks as you can in 1 minute.  

Pick up red sticks with right hand and blue sticks with left hand.  

It’s also a fun way to reinforce finger numbers!

2 thoughts on “Strengthen finger joints with this crocodile game

  1. Celinna Mawar -

    Wow! This is so creative! Could you share how to cut the crocodile?

    1. alloydmostyn Post author -

      I just drew it by hand on a sheet of foam! Feel free to copy my basic shape though.

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