Piano lessons

Find out what piano lessons with Didsbury Piano are all about!

When and where can I have lessons?

Location: My West Didsbury home studio

  • Individual lessons take place after school on weekday evenings, during school term time.
  • 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons are offered. 
  • Age 5 / year 1 upwards.
  • Each pupil has a regular weekly lesson time, and there are 36 lessons scheduled per year during school term time.  

Please get in touch to enquire about availability and my waiting list.   

Location: West Didsbury CE Primary School

(For pupils of West Didsbury CE Primary School only) 

  • 30 minute lessons take place during the school day on a rota, during school term time.
  • Year 1 upwards.   
  • Individual or partner lessons available. 

Lesson Options

Individual lessons– learn in a totally bespoke way at a pace that’s just right for your child

Partner lessons –  give you the chance to learn alongside a friend, encourages friendly competition and offers lots of opportunities for ensemble playing and games. 

Please get in touch to enquire about availability and my waiting list. 

What are our lessons like? 

We explore music and teach key skills and creativity by having fun at the piano and using lots of interesting activities:

We make music together from day one!

  • Rest assured, we learn to read music in ‘traditional notation’ but we also do much more!  At the beginning we play by ear and rote a lot.  This is the natural way to learn to play musically and with confidence.  You will be amazed at how quickly you or your child can learn to play sophisticated sounding music!

  • My pupils also improvise and compose as a regular part of their lessons right from the start.  This helps their brains develop important pattern-recognition skills and gives them the freedom to try things out, and to be creative musicians.  They love ‘messing about with music’- devising, adapting and extending their pieces to express their own ideas.

  • All my pupils do duets with me, so they get to experience regular playing with a professional pianist.  This builds their confidence, and makes their pieces sound so full.  It helps them lock into a strong pulse and inspires them to play with more expression and fluency.  I love seeing them light up as they realise they how great it sounds, and how important their part is!

  • Pupils learn music from lots of different styles, including classical, world music, jazz, film music, pop and current ‘pupil favourites.’  They don’t get bored being restricted to one style of music, and there’s always plenty to play!  Once they are in Level 2 they can take piano exams too, but this isn’t obligatory.
Piano tuition books for lessons with Didsbury Piano
Here are some of the elementary books we use

We learn through play!

Pupils really enjoy playing the music games from my huge library and we use lots of appealing resources to spark their creativity.  This hands-on, playful learning approach is a big reason why my pupils love coming to their lessons and feel excited about learning new things.  

Take a look at some of the colourful games and resources we use: 

See my facebook page for my latest ideas and creations!

We challenge ourselves!

A special feature of our lessons are our varied challenge events.  What a huge boost this gives to my pupils’ progress and enjoyment of learning!  
It’s a great fun way for them to sense success and keep moving forward in all areas.  It means that my pupils know exactly what they need to practice at home, and they can’t wait to show me what they have done each week to meet their goals!

Here are some of the challenges we’ve enjoyed recently:

Our concerts

Everyone enjoys coming together for our regular concerts.  From fun mini-recitals at my home to bigger showcase events, there’s always a feeling of real celebration and camaraderie.     

I love helping my pupils to blossom as performers – and it is the nicest thing as a teacher to hear them talk and plan excitedly about what they want to learn to play for the next concert.  Parents are so happy to see their childrens’ confidence flourish through being a part of our performances.   

Helpful feedback

Lessons are full of questions- so I’m certain that all my pupils know what they need to do, and how to achieve it.  This gives them the confidence to continue the work we do in lessons, through home practice. 

I send more detailed follow-up emails when necessary and parents are always welcome to observe lessons. 

All pupils receive free practice binders with weekly goals set out clearly- making it easy for you can see at-a-glance what’s expected so you can help stay on track with practice. 

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Contact me if you would like to start lessons or want to know more!


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COVID-19 update: We are open!

In-person and online lessons available.