Shape phrases with playdough

playdough phrase shaping post Didsbury Piano
A quick technique activity to develop phrase shaping. Musicians often talk about ‘shaping the phrases’.  OK, there are countless ways to shape a phrase, but your classic phrase shape is...
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Strengthen finger joints with this crocodile game

Here is a fun tool I made that strengthens all the fingers to help stop collapsing knuckles.  It’s easy to make your own.     Collapsing knuckle joints like the one pictured...
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Summer Practice Challenge

The summer holidays are nearly here! For pupils that have piano lessons in school, that can mean a very long time before they have their next piano lesson in September. Here is a practice challenge I...
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Beat lollipops

Beat lollipops Didsbury Piano
Here is a bright and simple way I help beginner musicians embed pulse and beat in their first year of learning. My piano pupils do lots of aural activities during lessons. They learn through a...
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Monstrous Fun with Rhythm

Dont Eat Pete with rhythms Didsbury Piano game
This is a hugely versatile game that children especially love in piano lessons, but I use it with students of all ages! 10 of my beginners at Didsbury Piano have started learning crotchet, quaver,...
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A practice game to make repetition fun

finger number bingo practice game from DIdsbury Piano Manchester
Here’s how I use a fun game with a beginner teaching piece that really reaps its rewards through repetition.  The piece: Zebra on a Playground This is a beginner improv/technique piece...
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Multi-tasking finger puppet

Finger puppets for piano posture and note accuracy in Didsbury Manchester
I am a big fan of using lots of fun props and manipulatives in lessons, and over the last few years I have ended up with boxes full of them.   I just can’t resist their lure! So I extra-love...
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My Latest Music Displays

New Studio Displays in Didsbury Piano Manchester
New Displays- 2 for £2.50! Today I’m giving a peek at two displays I made to brighten up piano lessons at the studio.  Next week I am excited to start teaching piano at a primary school in...
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Fun with sight reading – 13 ways to mix things up

Make Sight Reading Fun. Didsbury Piano teacher tips
We need a toolbox of clever tricks to keep sight reading fresh and fun because there are no pictures or stories, yet each exercise needs to be played 3 times.  Kids often want to play it just...
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Brain Break with Bubbles

Brain break with bubbles. Fun beginner piano lessons for kids in Didsbury Manchester
This brain break is the best fun ever!  Young beginners need to learn the finger numbers and memorise short patterns. I’ve found a lovely way to reinforce this! Blow some bubbles up in the...
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