Happy Left Handers Day

Left handers day Didsbury Piano
Thursday 13th August is Left Handers Day! Since pianists most definitely need to look after their hands here’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate and give your left hand a bit of...
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Moon Day

Moon Day Didsbury Piano
Monday 20th July marks International Moon Day- the date of the first Lunar Landing in 1969. Here’s a an amazing piece of music to listen to that depicts moonlight- one of my favourites to...
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Scale fingering keyboard visual

Cars and lorries featured imaged Didsbury PIano (1)
Here’s how I use visuals to help with learning octave scale fingerings. The piano scales of C, G, D, A and E major, all use a 123-1234 fingering pattern. It’s not such a tricky pattern...
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Tactile learning in a virtual lesson!

Online playdough featured image Didsbury Piano
Unharnessing the possibilities of technology has been an exciting journey, full of discoveries.  But when our world revolves around the click of a mouse, sometimes it’s a nice change for your...
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Key-sized stave freebie

Beginner pianists can sometimes find it tricky to correlate that one step to the right on the keyboard = moving up to the next line or space on the stave…. it’s a fairly abstract...
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Happy Birthday Haydn!

On March 31st it’s Haydn’s birthday. Here are some ways you can learn about this important composer: Watch this quick video for kids all about Haydn:
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How to make a practice bead page marker

DIY Practice Beads Didsbury Piano
Here’s a nice tactile way to remind your child or pupil to practice those tricky spots! I’ll often get my pupils to play a tricky spot 3 or 5 times.  Use these practice beads to help...
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New studio challenge! Tempo Travellers

Tempo Travellers Didsbury Piano
Having a great sense of pulse is a crucial part of being a musician.  We do lots of activities in our lessons to build a strong internal sense of pulse.  Tempo is the speed of the pulse. In...
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Valentine’s Day 2020 activities

Valentines Day activities at Didsbury Piano
This year Valentines Day falls on a Friday (and the last day of half term at local schools)- so all my pupils get to have fun with Valentines-themed activities!  I’m really excited to see...
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Chinese New Year activities

Here in Manchester, Chinese New Year is a big celebration, with a big, colourful Dragon Parade through town and lots of noise!  Perfect for inspiring a splash of colour and imagination into our...
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