Key-sized stave freebie

Key sized stave on whiteboard

Beginner pianists can sometimes find it tricky to correlate that one step to the right on the keyboard = moving up to the next line or space on the stave…. it’s a fairly abstract concept. 

Here’s a stave with light horizontal lines spaced the same distance as a standard key width (22mm).  It can help to see the keys and stave notes aligned precisely (in the same way as relative rhythm cards are so useful!)

I’ve positioned it below a ‘life size’ laminated keyboard on my magnetic whiteboard.  

I use it to match the same colour magnets on the keys and the stave.  That’s where the dotted horizontal lines come in handy.  

You could have a pupil do this- complete an ascending pattern or put a missing corresponding magnet on the correct line or space, or or the correct key.  

It was easy to make.  If you want to download a copy to use in your own lessons or home practice you can get it here.

Here’s a stave with a keyboard above.  It’s not life-size but they are the same size as each key.

I might use this as a screen share in online piano lessons, where they could stamp the correct notes instead, or just as a pdf for pupils to have to refer to at home.  

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