Easy bass part for Cauliflowers Fluffy

Cauliflowers Fluffy Didsbury Piano

In the UK, Cauliflowers Fluffy is a really popular primary school song for harvest time.  It brings back a lot of memories for me! 

Children love being able to play the songs they sing at school, and so I’ve written a simple pre-reading bass part for beginners to play. I’m happy to share it with anyone who wants it.  Here’s a sample:

cauliflowers fluffy snapshot 2 Didsbury PIano

Lead sheets like this are great for practising keyboard geography and spotting repeated patterns.  

My young pupils enjoy putting lollipop sticks on the correct keys to match the colours on the sheet – this makes it even easier for newbies to follow:

lollipop stick piano Didsbury Piano

The colours match Boomwhacker colours.  This makes it easy to transfer to Boomwhackers if you have non-pianists, or want to try it as a class activity.

Fancy trying it out?

Download the sheet here for free: Cauliflowers Fluffy pre-reading bass part

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