Brain Break with Bubbles

Brain break with bubbles. Fun beginner piano lessons for kids in Didsbury Manchester

This brain break is the best fun ever!  Young beginners need to learn the finger numbers and memorise short patterns.

I’ve found a lovely way to reinforce this!

Tippy taps cards from Colourful Keys in beginner piano lessons Didsbury Manchester
bubbles for fun piano lessons in Didsbury Manchester

Blow some bubbles up in the air and have the pupil pop all the bubbles with the correct fingers in order as shown on the card, before the bubbles all hit the ground!

Giggles guaranteed!

(I use the bright and colourful Tippy Taps cards from Colourful Keys).  You could also make your own cards and just write a series of 5 numbers on.  Tip- use red for right hand and blue for left hand.  Being consistent with use of colour is helpful when teaching young beginners.

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