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Angela Lloyd-Mostyn piano teacher in Didsbury

My name’s Angela Lloyd-Mostyn and I’m a piano teacher and professional musician based in West Didsbury, Manchester.

Here at Didsbury Piano I offer piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities, from beginner to advanced.

We make music in a fun and interactive way that will inspire you to keep learning and instil a lifelong love of music!

What makes piano lessons with Didsbury Piano special?


Learn to play piano by reading music, by ear, improvising and composing right from the start. As a result you’ll develop skills in all areas of musicianship.


Learning through play makes lessons fun and memorable. So my pupils love my extensive games library and imaginative off-the-bench activities!


I enhance learning and communication with high quality apps and online resources.  This means you can learn in a modern and relevant way.


Keeping all pupils highly motivated, moving forwards and celebrating progress in every way.  


Our regular concerts for all pupils build confidence and performance skills.  Most importantly it’s a chance to come together to share our music.


Accomplished and highly qualified,  I have the expertise to guide my pupils to achieve their very best.  Many of my pupils have won prizes in competitions and obtain excellent examination results.  I strive for excellence in both my teaching and my pupils’ learning.


I provide a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped room for lessons and mini-concerts in my West Didsbury home studio.  It’s a warm and welcoming environment to learn in.  Parents are welcome to pop in.     


I am a warm, friendly and very reliable teacher.  I have taught in schools in Manchester for 15 years and I have my own children.
I maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.  


Clear and age-appropriate written practice guidance sheets provided each week so pupils know exactly what to do. 

Parents are encouraged to come in at the end of each lesson for informal updates and demos. 

Extra resources and practice aids are also regularly emailed to parents / older pupils.

Want to know more?  Get complete details about piano lessons with me in Didsbury here.  

See what’s new in the studio with fresh and fun activities by checking out my latest posts.


Contact me if you want to sign up for lessons at Didsbury Piano or have any questions.

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